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IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BANKRUPTCY, OR WOULD LIKE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH “A BANKRUPTCY LAWYER NEAR ME”, CALL ME AT 904-679-2020. Tony Turner Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer With Offices In Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Deland And Lake City, Florida. The Law Office Of Tony Turner Represents Debtors And Files Bankruptcy Petitions For Clients In The Surrounding Counties Including: Daytona, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Middleburg, Orange City, Deltona, Gainesville, And Palatka. Bankruptcy Can Discharge or Eliminate Debt, Stop Foreclosures, Stop Lawsuits, Stop Wage Garnishments, Stop Harassing Phone Calls, Discharge Some I.R.S. And Other Taxes, Modify Your Mortgage, Get Rid Of Automobiles And The Debt Or Payments You No Longer Want, And Get A Fresh Start. The Law Office Of Tony Turner Is Dedicated To Providing Excellent Bankruptcy Legal Advice, Friendly And Superb Client Relations From The Initial Bankruptcy Consultation Up Through And Including The “Meeting Of The Creditors”. Even Though The Attorney/Client Relationship May End When The Debtors Receive Their Discharge Order From The Federal Bankruptcy Judge, The Law Office Of Tony Turner Always Looks Forward To Hearing From Prior Clients And Will Assist You With You Legal Needs If Ever The Should Arise. Most Clients Want A “Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me”. The Law Office Of Tony Turner Hopes One Of His Offices Is “Near You” And Looks Forward To Representing You. Let The Law Office Of Tony Turner Help You Eliminate Credit Card And Other Debt And Get Your Fresh Start Today. The Consultation Is Free. Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful And You Don’t Have To Struggle To Pay You Bills Any Longer. Call Today And Let Me Help.– Discharge or Eliminate Debt; Stop Foreclosure; Stop Lawsuits; Stop Wage Garnishment; Stop Harassing Phone Calls, Discharge Taxes; Strip Their Second Mortgage; Modify Their Current Mortgage; Surrender Automobiles They No Longer Want, Need or Can Afford and Get a Fresh Start by Providing Sound Bankruptcy Legal Advice and Representation From The Initial Bankruptcy Consultation Up Through And Including The Meeting Of The Creditors And When They Receive Their Discharge Order From The Federal Bankruptcy Judge. Let Me Help You Eliminate Debt And Get Your Fresh Start Today. The Consultation Is Free. Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful And You Don’t Have To Struggle To Pay You Bills Any Longer. Call Today And Let me help.

My office is dedicated to representing Bankruptcy Debtors in the following Counties: Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, Columbia, Union, Suwannee, Hamilton, Bradford, Alachua, & Baker County.

Considering Filing for Bankruptcy?

Tony Turner is a Bankruptcy Lawyer that has been practicing law for 27 years. His office is dedicated to representing debtors in Bankruptcy proceedings and assisting his clients discharge burdensome and overwhelming debt. If you are “drowning” in debt and need help, please give Mr. Turner a call today. Many of Mr. Turner’s Bankruptcy Clients have struggled with debt for months or years, “robbing Peter to pay Paul” as they say. Once they retained the Law Office of Tony Turner, they have indicated they felt immediate relief. When Mr. Turner and his paralegal Nancy began assisting them, they felt their lives were back on track. Many Bankruptcy Clients have stated: “I wish I had file for Bankruptcy sooner” and most Bankruptcy Clients have indicated, “That wasn’t as painful or difficult as I thought it would be”. Mr. Turner and Nancy take great pride in the personal service and representation they give to each and every client. Every debtor’s situation is unique; make sure your Bankruptcy Lawyer takes the time to get to know you and your case. It does make a difference.
Mr. Turner has learned after 27 years of practicing law, if you are calling a Bankruptcy Lawyer you have made the decision the debt is too much to handle on your own. Before making that call, many Bankruptcy Clients have exhausted any and all financial means they have. Bank accounts have been liquidated, 401k’s have been exhausted, savings and other financial instruments have been depleted, assets and family heirlooms have been sold. Many cases that wasn’t necessary, it didn’t have to happen that way, you didn’t have to suffer so long. Many Bankruptcy Clients didn’t have to deplete their life savings and sell off assets to pay bills trying to “stay afloat” before filing for Bankruptcy Protection. . Assets, such as 401k’s are protected by The Federal Bankruptcy Code, meaning they are exempt and you get to keep them. Your life savings doesn’t have to be drained. If you are facing financial difficulties and are considering bankruptcy, I hope you find the information on this website helpful. However, no amount of reading or research you do should take the place of consulting with an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer. The Bankruptcy Law is complex and many Bankruptcy Lawyers have spent years in perfecting their craft and trade honing their skills and knowledge. A consultation with a competent Bankruptcy Lawyer is a must, in my opinion. They can guide you through the Bankruptcy Procedures and process, and assist you in discharging your debt, getting your life on track and securing your fresh start the Federal Bankruptcy Laws allow. Please call the Law Office of Tony Turner today for a free Bankruptcy Consultation. Offices in: Orange Park, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Deland and Lake City.

FAQ About Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy law is complicated. There are numerous forms to be completed and filed in a timely manner. Hearings are held and testimony is taken under-oath. Filing false or misleading documents is a Federal crime. Hiring an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in bankruptcy is wise. These can be stressful times and an experienced attorney can alleviate some of your concerns and make the process more efficient. Look at my google reviews. Ask for references. Make the right decision for you and your family.

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Probably. There are rules and regulations with respect to who can file and what Chapter they can file under. Your Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney has the requisite experience and should know the answer. If you have filed a Chapter 7 in the past, you will need to wait 8 years from the date you filed to receive another Chapter 7 discharge.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

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Filing a bankruptcy case gives you a fresh start to recover after a financial crisis without the burden of debts you cannot pay hanging over your head. By filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you can get out of debt, protect retirement savings, and keep your property.

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