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Privacy Policy

The purpose of the detailed Privacy Policy of the Law Offices of Tony Turner is to disclose the privacy policy and practices of this web-site and to inform you, our potential bankruptcy client, of our Privacy Policy relating to and the information we have collected.
The Law Office of Tony Turners Privacy Policy will advise you what information we have collected on this web-site and to notify you if it is shared. We will also advise you what choices are available regarding use of the data and the security procedures in place that guard against and protect the misuse of your information. You will be informed how to correct any inaccuracies in the information, if you so choose.

Security Procedures And Policy

When The Law Office of Tony Turner assimilates your personal information, that information is always encrypted and transmitted in a secure manner. Please note the “closed lock” icon on your web browser and note the “HTTPS” at the beginning of the URL on the web page.
The Law Office of Tony Turner also protects the information you have delivered us to prepare your bankruptcy petition. All documents are kept in a secure location and promptly shredded when no longer needed. The computers we use are kept in a secured location.


The Law Office of Tony Turners web-site (https// uses cookies. Cookies are data that is stored on your hard drive to help improve your access and identify repeat visitors. Cookies are not linked to any personal information. Use of cookies will enable me to track and target my potential clients and enhance their experience.


This web-site contains links to several other web-sites. Please be aware when you leave my web-site you should read the privacy statements and policy of all other web-sites that collects your information. The Law Office of Tony Turner is not aware of or responsible for the content or policies of the other web-sites.

Use and Sharing Of This Information

The Law Office of Tony Turner does not sell or rent any data or information provided to us by you to anyone. We are bound and strictly adhere to the “attorney-client” privilege doctrine with respect to all client communications. The Law Office of Tony Turner strictly adheres to The Florida Bar Rules regarding professional conduct and communication.
We will only use the information provided to us to comply and assist with the purpose you contacted or retained us. We will only share the information with your approval such as to vendors to “pull” your credit report, your bank to reaffirm your debt or the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee’s Office to comply with the requirements to file and qualify for a bankruptcy discharge.

Access To And Control Over The Information Provided

At your leisure you may contact my office to determine what data we have, correct any data, delete any data, express any concern you have about the data we have or the use thereof.
If you have reason to believe that the Law Office of Tony Turner is not abiding by the privacy policy, please contact me immediately at (904) 679-2020 or by email at – Attn: Privacy. You may also write to my physical address listed on this web-site.

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